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Directions is a published quarterly North American magazine on industry directions and trends. Inside Directions, you'll discover valuable data, information and knowledge.  You'll also see where our partners and clients are headed.

Winter 2012 Snapshot

In this issue of Directions, we illustrate how AudaNet seamlessly connects insurers, independent appraisers, repair shops and consumers.AudaNet is an intelligent, next generation automotive claims and collision repair management platform that seamlessly connects insurers, independent appraisers, repair shops and consumers. AudaNet is built on proven technology and successfully used for years across more than 20 countries around the world. Optimized for the American market, AudaNet is the technology platform upon which Audatex’s U.S. customer-centric solutions are built, offered and delivered.

This issue of Directions features articles that illustrate how AudaNet accomplishes this, with a glimpse under the hood of the new platform. Featured article go in depth to discuss new exciting Audatex solutions in areas such as VIN decode and customer-facing web and mobile communications, as well as important trends shaping the market.

We think you’ll find that Directions is once again packed with insightful stories – all designed to inspire you with new ways to improve the overall customer experience. As always, the Audatex team remains dedicated to doing our best to earn your business today, while setting the stage for a more intelligent tomorrow.

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